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It is now perfectly safe for people in regional Victoria to gather to worship (with social distancing and safe practices), but current COVID-19 restrictions still prevent it! This is completely unacceptable. Please sign this petition, which already has 10,000 signatures, to tell the Victorian government to stop this abuse of power and allow us to worship in at least the same numbers as other venues that have more interaction and close contact.

St Liborius Parish is the local Catholic Church of the Eaglehawk area in the Diocese of Sandhurst.

Mass Livestream

Today's Mass (Monday) was moved from 6pm to 9:15am. You can view the recording by following the normal link.

The Sacrifice of the Mass is livestreamed every day. The schedule is shown below. You can view the Mass by click on this link.

Mass Times:

Sunday 10:30am

Monday 6:00pm

Tuesday 6:00pm

Wednesday 9:15am

Thursday 6:00pm

Friday 9:15am

Saturday 9:15am

Cancellation of Public Masses

Now that we have moved into Step 3 of Stage 3 restrictions, this means we are allowed to have small outdoor Masses. We are still working out what the schedule for these Masses will be, but if you would like to be on a Mass roster, please get in touch with the parish office.

Parish Resources Station

You can now pick up bulletins, prayers, blessed candles and holy water from in front of the parish office. This will be available:

10am-5pm Tuesday-Sunday

Latest Bulletin

Past Bulletins...

CURRENT Bulletin.pdf

You can also sign up to have the bulletin or other important updates sent to you.

Click here to be added to our contact list.

Are you in our Parish?

To see if your address is in the parish boundaries, click on the fullscreen button in the top-right corner of this map, then search for your address.

Parish Prayer

God our Father, bless our parish of St Liborius, so that we may love you more. Encircle our families with your loving care. Help parents to be a good example to their children and our youth to grow in strength as good Christians. To the sick grant health, to the aged bring serenity and to those in sorrow, joy. May we grow stronger in faith and may our love for one another become deeper in our daily living. Amen.

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